January 13, 2010

Speak English to Me!

Gladys, Kate and I talked about this man as the sun set. We all know him as El Centro. I knew his name once. Actually, he lives in La Gloria, but he goes to El Centro looking for food, or a cheap bottle of Mayacol, a rot gut rum that sells in 10 peso bottles looking like medicine.
He is diabetic and walks with canes. After I checked out of the Ixchel Penthouse, I went to the Navy commissary for apartment supplies, then stopped at the Municipal Mercado for some greens.
El Centro was eating salvaged Roscoe from Three Kings Day, just the day before.
He shared a piece with me and with the pigeons. How are you? Me I am fine. Good morning. I watch your things.
And he does watch my things often when I am in town. I give him 10 pesos. He pronounced the mission complete. Nobody took your stuff.
It is a nice day. Me? I feel good. Want more Roscoe?
No, I'm afraid I'll get the infant. Ah, there is no infant.
That is why they give me the Roscoe.
This is an example of a man many consider a derelict bettering himself. He always gets a lesson out of conversations. He wants to learn English. He knows his future is communicating in English to people with golf carts who might want their stuff watched.
Kids with bright futures deserve the chance to learn English well and with dignity, so they don't have to beg and may enter true careers that will require multilingualism. Please see Maggie at the English school for the lottery on Penthouse 709.
Donna and Mark Caffo have been so generous offering a stay in their unit. Chances are sold in $10US tickets, that get you two chances. Drawing is scheduled for April or earlier if she sells out.


Jane said...

Like this post very much, and after clicking on your photo (to enlarge) it was nice to see genuine happiness on the man's face.

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered this man's story. Some years, I've seen him looking very down, others, clean and sober. Regardless, he always waves, smiles, and says, "Hola Blondie!" I'm totally gray, but he always makes my day.

Jamqueen said...

Great post, Zina!

Anonymous said...

His name is Henry. He use to be put in jail a lot because of being drunk. He has many local friends that watch out for him. He does live in La Gloria - I believe Tarzan helps him out quite a bit.

IslaZina said...

Miguel at Miguel's Moonlite helps him out a lot too. He encouraged me to "employ" him to watch my stuff, and chuckled when I said I already did!

lagovistajenn said...

I love this post Zina!

Anonymous said...

Love your sweet little dog. I am the proud mom of an Isla Mujeres dog myself. She (Suertuda) now lives with me in Roanoke, Virginia and is seven years old.

I hope to return to Isla sooner than later.

Gloria, Roanoke, Virginia