July 29, 2010

The wanderer

Margaret Goerig is 30 years old and about to embark on a great adventure. She leaves Isla Mujeres this morning after managing Casa El Pio Apartments for her sister and brother-in-law for two and a half years and heads back to Augusta, GA, where she will set out on a social networking mission in a 1977 RV that her father has been working on to make sure it is roadworthy.
Her mission ala Alexis de Tocqueville will be to report in a book the social status of America as defined by her Facebook friends. After a series of successful Notes on Facebook, she started her own blog. I hope she finds time to update it as she travels among her 336 friends to write a book on the status of America as defined in Facebook Walls equaling Facebook lives.
She will be traveling with her dog and heads out for Tennessee from her home in Athens, GA.
Yesterday, the summertime regulars on Isla Mujeres gathered to say goodbye for now. This morning, after an all-nighter of packing, based on ongoing electronic updates, and closing her HSBC account, which sort of slipped her mind, she leaves the island at 9am.
I'll miss seeing her on her early morning power walks, but look forward to updates from her blog and the eventual book.
This is what people who planned careers as journalists do now!


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Margaret Goerig said...

I have my own category? Wow.
Thanks for the shout-out, Zina. You certainly make my project sound more defined than even I do. : ) I would love to say that I will write a book but I suppose that remains to be seen. First priority will be what you said: finding time to update my blog. Cheers, Margaret