July 13, 2010

Beach bum grown

I convinced my father to sign a work permit for me when I was 14 so I could sell ice cream cones at a carry out window at Lake Mohawk. He told me then that I would have to work at least two weeks in every quarter of the year to earn 30 years Social Security credits in a timely fashion...in 30 years.
That advice served me well when multiple sclerosis made me unable to meet the commitments of a job in my late 40s. Anyway...
The third job I had...the ice cream was the second, the first was pulling weeds, was pumping gas at the Marina at Lake Mohawk. It doesn't seem to have a gas pump now, but that's the Marina, where boats are launched from trailers. And where many times after work, I'd take a pull and water ski home.
Yep, just training for island living.