July 11, 2010

Familiar face!

You last saw Felipe Nieves in the winter, seated at my table in Isla Mujeres. He was the man who did the final edit on my stories at The Plain Dealer and wrote the headlines. Now that he can't correct my copy, as a bilingual native of Puerto Rico, he corrects my Spanish!
Felipe took me to lunch after the final visit to the accountant, just a couple days after lunch with Mary.. This was the day Ohio had an earthquake at 1:47pm, and we later compared notes and the earth did not move for either of us.
We wanted to eat at Clyde's, a bistro in an old remodeled stainless steel diner in Cleveland Heights . But it wasn't open for lunch.
We went down Lee Rd. to the old Shujiro location of a relatively new sushi joint. It was disappointing for both of us, but we had a great time, a long lunch!
Afterward, I was heading home to Malvern, when the skies opened up and tornado warnings went up. I pulled off I-77 in Akron and went into a Target. Very disappointing for a store I used to love.
During a break, I headed further south and it was getting rough again. I pulled off at Belden Village and took a room at the Red Roof Inn, where they have free wifi. And Motel Six had no wifi the whole time I wan in the area.
I had this new Dell laptop I wanted to load with as many Zina things as possible, should customs try to declare it an unused import. Brother also provided me with pics from a year and a half ago,
So I checked in, thought about surprising someone at Christie's but decided against it, and went to Max and Erma's in search of an old Columbus style supper. Let me just say the franchise does no justice to what the original Max and Erma's was in Columbus.
Afterward, I stopped at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, and picked up a half dozen, new in from retailers, cotton shirts - and one pure linen - and a pair of shorts and discovered a nice surprise at check out. Everything was a dollar!
Feeling special, I got a nail polish change at the Vietnamese salon that's been there for 14 or so years.
That set me right and the sun was setting, so I went to the room and played with the computer until it was time to sleep.

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