July 27, 2010

Burger King delivers in Cancun!

Well, who knew? There I was, on my way to Walmart from Chedraui with Carlos the cabbie when I came to the awakening: Burger King delivers in Cancun! Another reason to be glad I am not there!
My trip was eventful as Kathryn and left on the 6:30am so Carlos could take her to the airport. I was dropped off at Chedraui where my big find was stuffed olives (they are rare here) and L'Oreal make up. They did not have pool filter cartidges and are the only place known to me to carry them. Not today, a clerk said. When. No lo se.
We tried the fabric store after he was done at the airport, but it didn't open til 9am. So, off to Walmart, where the big score of the day was 2 cans of ScotchGuard for the new furniture arriving Sunday. Oh, I dug into the Tuesday specials and bought chard for 2 pesos a bunch and a bunch of other things, including a new bed for princess Punta, who likes a bed to be the the bottom of my wardrobe.
And scared by the sight of a Burger King moto, I bought sushi for breakfast in the cab. I just can't pass up a $4 sushi tray!
Fabric store had great ultra-suede on sale for the chairs the carpenter picked up in the afternoon. He'll stain and varnish them to match the table I bought.
And so I was back in the house by 11am! Any later and I would have turned into cooked pumpkin pie filling. It is hot. Tom from NH was make his move this morning, leaving the island for San Miguel Allende, where his household friends including Henry the dog hope it won't be as hot as on a small Caribbean island like Isla Mujeres
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KfromMichigan said...

Mr. Burger King sure has an eye catching outfit on!

IslaZina said...

He's dressed in flames!