July 24, 2010

Smiles like these...

These are the smiles of Sergio and Kathryn, happy to be back on the Ultramar heading home after three hours in Cancun. They helped me pick out a new living room set. And they have one other thing in common. Both are patients of my island dentist, Dr. Francisco Javier Canales.
Kathryn has been staying at Zina's Guest House while on "dentation." She got a new porcelain crown for 4500 pesos, about $400. Canales was meticulous about it, adjusting the molds in two extra visits. The day we went to get the crown, my Canadian friend ran up to me and said her husband was delighted with his! No fuss, no muss. Bim bam, a "dentation." A vacation with dentistry.

The final step of the crowing is to cure the epoxy with an ultraviolet light. Kathryn really doesn't glow purple!
She said it was the best dental experience of her life. She'll be back in September for bone powder implant to build up her jaw. Canales is from Mexico City and works for the Navy as an oral surgeon. He has an evening private practice in Isla Mujeres Centro.

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