July 26, 2010

Cool waters

I am off to Cancun today at the crack of dawn with Kathryn. She's heading to the airport and Carlos will drop me off at a big box store.
After he takes her to the airport, he'll pick me up and take me to a fabric store. There I will get fabric to recover the seats of the dining chairs which will also be re-varnished to match the new table.
While the island is paradise, for those hot sticky trips into Cancun, I keep the above image in my mind. The cool waters of Lake Mohawk in Malvern, OH, where I grew up.
Wherever I am right now, a nice water ski pull around the late would be such a refreshing contrast. It's in my mind whenever paradise feels like an inferno...in July and August! Of course. I've lost the balance it takes to water ski. But cool sweet water is always great! That's why we love our cenotes here in the Yucatan Peninsula, the mainland off Isla Mujeres.

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