July 6, 2010

Vacationing with friends

Even though I haven't blogged since returning to Isla Mujeres a week ago, nor for some days before ending the vacation, I'll get caught up now with my memories. The vacation was all about visiting with friends.
Above, I am with the Gamber Girls, as the the sisters raised on a cattle farm were once known. Both now are widowed grandmothers!
Karen Wackerly, left, is the postmistress of Malvern, OH, and was my shopping companion on the big trip to Carrollton to the Five and Dime that has everything. Can't find something? Ask.
I got a bugle horn for my golf cart for about three dollars by asking. No amount of asking got Karen watermelon paraphernalia for a grandchild's birthday party though.
Karen's husband Daniel worked for the water department when he died 12 years ago. The water treatment plant is now named for him.
Beth Shearer, right, walked into American Legion Post 375 one night with a young man on her arm, looking like a cougar. Slap me. It was her surviving son who manages the cattle ranch for her.
Husband Tim died unexpectedly of a heart attack a couple years ago. Two months later, a son died suddenly of an unrelated heart condition. They were the area's ideal couple, both raised on successful cattle farms, both so darn good looking, invincible.
Beth and I went to Spring Break in Florida by ourselves in 1974. We flew and stayed in a nice place in North Miami beach. Woodsie, who is out of picture range, and his buddies stayed at a cheap place next door. College friends of mine stayed at another cheap place on the other side. We had the nice pool and cabana boys, but our recollection of that trip was that Jim Woods's friends kept calling him the spiller. Since he was having beers with his son at the Legion, hearing me and Beth call his dad Spiller brought a smile to Andrew's face.
There were many stories over many nights at the Legion. Next edition might be one of them or a Cleveland lunch....or....stay tuned

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drgeo said...

Hooray ! You're back, and with plenty of stories too!