March 25, 2010

Taken to my bed...

Just a note to say what I'm up to! I am resting comfortably after oral surgery. In my bed, good drugs, although I forgot starting to take the Cipro until today, 18 hours later. Like I said, good drugs!
I had been enjoying the Hernandezes while they were here and then life took over. But they stopped by this morning, played with Punta and gave me oooh ahhhh sympathy.
The surgery was to implant cadaver bone where an implant had been moved, to make it ready for a bridge. So...I have a cast on the tooth adjacent to the surgery that extends to over top of the surgery site. Very protective.
I am eating a vegan soup I put through a blender in anticipation. It's not half bad, but it is pablum. I also got gnocchi in Cancun Monday. Gnocchi good after 8 days, still not chewing on the surgery side, said Dr. Canales. Basically 25 vegan fat free days is what the healing will take. But I have to sing praises to Dr. Canales! Gentle strong man.
Tomorrow, I may join Carlos and Silivia at Villa Vera, for real papilla...guacamole, no lemon, no chile and some fish broth! Wooohooo!
No OJ, maybe carrot juice. Maybe nopal juice. No sour, no hot. No added flavors! Yessir!

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