March 19, 2010

Bites less...

As if it would hurt less to pay the electric bill via a machine, that's the CFE, the federal electric commission, has done here. At least formerly employed staff doesn't have to take abuse. We are always shocked by our electric bills.
And you can pay 24 hours, any day. So I went in and parted with my money early, so no one could see me weep!
Then I had a quickie breakfast and stopped at the Herrera house, since Adrian difn't show up last night to measure for gates.
Picked him up and his helper, they measured. Will be be back in the afternoon with a price! okie dokie.
Texted Dr Salas about my imported pseudoephrine taking away the spins. I guess I'll have to stock up on more when I go back to Ohio this summer. It's illegal here because of all the meth labs; you can't by it and it's even been taken out of Claritin-D. I see a beach day!
Oh well, small price to pay for the war on drugs!


Andrea Healey said...

Zina - i am coming down in May, let me know if you need me to bring you pseudoephrine.

You can message me on Facebook.

IslaZina said...

Andrea, please bring a back or two of 12 hours psuedoephdrine. It's outlawed for sale here because of the4 crystal meth labs, so while I have other people bringing and will buy some in Ohio, assembling a years worth isn't easy. You have to sign for it.

Islagringo said...

Are you and Sue on a different electric level? Like the people in South Point? We never get a huge bill and we have ceiling fans, refrigerator and hot water heater on all the time. Some of our lights, for security reasons, burn 24/7. TV always seems to be as well as two laptops too. I wonder why you guys get such high bills.

On another note, do tell what that cryptic note is about a restaurant in your twitter.