March 3, 2010

Hasta luego, foodies!

Linas Johansonas crave bacon and eggs his for his last breakfast on Isla Mujeres, so we returned to the scene of the first Isla Mujeres meal - La Bruja Restaurant in La Gloria.
Milda wanted arrachera beef fajitas. She had fajtas of various kinds during her visit, but not beef.
Me, owner of Zina's Guest House, I just wanted huevos Mexicana. Well, not just. We all shared guacamole first and had OJ. Linas had watermelon water, too.
Linas and Milda own Milda's Market in Union Pier, Michigan. A bit on the brisk side for daily swims, the vacation was a relaxing time to read and nosh. Milda was glad to get a few new ideas for her deli and not cook but one meal, a breakfast, while she was on vacation. And glad to bring home gifts for her nieces and salsa for her hairdresser! A real vacation! From one foodie to others: I'll miss you guys!


Nancy said...

I don't live far at all from Union Pier, and I had heard of their kugelis before but never been there. We've probably passed it many times. Milda's is now on my list of stops for my annual Spring NW Michigan Roadtrip!

Nancy said...

Oops, make that SW Michigan. I don't want anyone driving to the UP to try to find them!