March 8, 2010

Family A-OK in Chile!

Sergio Rodriguez, my all around strongman and hired hand at Zina's Guest House, finally reached his family in Chile this morning. He had bundled up towels and sheets to take to the laundry here on Isla Mujeres and brewed some coffee before sitting down to Skype.
He reached sister Jimena, who told him that Sergio Sr, 76, fell off a horse at his campground in Rio Bonito and hit his head before the earthquake...terrimoto... and mom is resting for a pre-heart attack condition, but otherwise all is well. When can you come to visit, she asked. Soon! He'll go to the consulate Wednesday afternoon and hopes to have papers in order by Friday, then look for air fares.
Friday is also the day he is going to Cancun with me to register on my Sam's Club card and assist in hardware shopping!


Jane said...

Beautiful smile.
God speed. Hope all goes well.

IslaZina said...

The Colgate smile. Or, if you are old enough, the Ipana smile!