March 7, 2010

Beach Dog

I want to grow up to be a beach dog! Mommy took me to the beach yesterday!
We were are a place called Mar y Sol with mommy Zina's friends. Mommy had me walking on a leash. Then she'd let go and say "Punta Come!" Sandy took me for a walk on the beach. Then, when everyone was sure I knew how to act, Mommy untied the leash. Then Rick picked me up and sang a Willie Nelson song.
"Mommies don't let your babies grow up to be beach dogs" is the song he sang as we dance for probably 20 minutes. I was asleep when he got done. Today, I'm pretty sleepy. I dug a lot of holes near the water yesterday!
Today, we are not going to the beach. Mommie is going to the laundry and when she comes back she says we will see how I act on the rooftop patio of Zina's Guest House.


Life's a Beach! said...

How adorable!

Jackieh said...

Cute! Sounds like Punta had a good time at the beach.