March 1, 2010

Boca 2009-2010

She was expected to start "school" this week with Alan. Boca was the brightest doggie dog I ever knew.
Her life was cut short by exuberance - in the rain a week ago, when we got home after dinner at Mango Cafe, she wanted to get into the house quick to go to the bathroom on her dry diaper/pad. Not in the rain, oh no.
She jumped from the golf cart, aiming for the top of the landing two feet away. It was slippery and her front paws gave way. Her hind paws never made it and she took the impact of the cement corner on her lower abdomen.
She was a good patient, not complaining after the first 8 hours, when she groaned and growled in pain, a rumble kind of sound. She tolerate the injections, the IVs. The bundling to the ultrasound. The bladder injury was a rupture by the time she was autopsied Thursday, after an unremarkable ultrasound.
It is hard without her. I have been interviewing replacements for Guest House Dog. I have settled on a dog I first called Tippy, but have decided to name Punta, Puntita. Her remarkable physical characteristic is a white tip to her black tail and natural white French tips on her nails.

She seems smart enough, quick enough, and cute. But I am not quite ready to receive her. She is not Boca amd I still weep for her. She was smart and kissed me good night and had her ears up for trespassers. She had refined her growls and barks and obeyed her commands. Awhh....doggie dog!


Nancy said...

Aww Zina, I'm so sorry. Both of your pet losses were tragedies and I can't even imagine how it really feels. You'll know if and when it's the right time to accept Puntita into your home. Take care, and hopefully we'll see you next week.

Kathy said...

Prayers go out to you on the loss of Boca. Sometimes healing can only occur once a new puppy comes home. I am keeping you in my prayers and heart!

Jeanne said...

So Sorry to read about Boca Zina!

Anonymous said...

I'm crushed to hear this Zina for you:( I love dogs...I know how they can become your best friend....
I'm so sorry for your loss..we all enjoyed reading about Boca. So sorry :(
(Island) Meg