March 5, 2010

Punta speaks

That's me, Punta, the day after I got to Zina's Guest House. This lady, Zina, needed me more than she ever knew!
The first night, I didn't sleep at all because she has an apparently dangerous dog living in what she calls a mirror on her dresser. So I was on alert all night, if not barking, at the very least growling so he wouldn't get her.
So I rested yesterday.First I fell asleep with my chin facing up. Then I changed all my directions at once.
I kept repeating. Then I rounded up all the toys and put them in the kennel; I know the other dog does not go there.
I went back to "go bed" for another few hours of sleep. Then Zina invited me up to her bed.
It was great! But then, I looked a the mirror and there he was again. The dog I think is going to bite my new owner!
Since I can only see the dog from the bed, mommie Zina said I can't stay. She told me "Go bed" and it got down and she quit taking pictures.

I wasn't counting, but Zina said I slept for 8 hours before we went to sleep. And then we slept for 9 hours. I think the dog in the mirror is scared. I only saw him again in the morning and he only needed a quick bark and went away!


Vee said...

Punta, you're a good doggie. I think you're going to be very happy with your new job - er, home.

Life's a Beach! said...

Too funny! Punta's adorable!

Jane said...

Happy news! Fun to read and appreciate.

jeanie said...

You are adorable Punta.

KfromMichigan said...


lagovistajenn said...

Punta is ADORABLE!! I can't wait to meet the spoiled little girl. =)

Jackie said...

Sweet story! I am glad you found Punta.