June 14, 2009

Celebrate another age!

Yes any mention of age last night and I was simply a Quinceanera! A sweet 15...plus 40. Also in the house was a 40 year old, just a newborn baby. We shared cake with her and the spouse who brought her to Miguel's, with flowers and lots of love between them. Cake and tips to the band, Sons of the Devil. We will survived this downturn!
A friend bought roses...
There were other people there, but Tim and JoAnne were not letting an anniversary vacation pass without a lot of focus on each other. Of course, I hardly took any pictures. I do have one in my Tequila Sunrise sunglasses that I think will have to pass on posting.
My anonymous friend and Hector kept things moving. And Lora ate a whole can of beef Pedigree in mere seconds. Then she kicked back and grooved. People love that doggie dog!

We saw ChuChu jogging on our way, then he jogged by on his way to gig to say hi. About 20 people showed up for the Double Nickel. In Isla these days, that's a crowd.
JoAnne and Tim brought a couple beautiful Ukrainian wall hangings and ceramic pysankis to put in my Baltic room! Well, it was a nice way to mark a birthday and still be home early enough to please the doctors! Gracias a mi amigos!

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Scottozoid said...

A Belated Feliz CumpleaƱos to you Zina, wish I coulda made the party, glad it was a great success!