June 10, 2009

A good bit better!

Ok, I'm home now for 36 hours from my all-inclusive three day, two night weekend at Galenia Hospital in Cancun. A bit edgy from the anti-inflammatory and cortizone IV treatments and tapers, I can't seem to get the best part to you: pictures on the ambience, the staff, the equipment, the great meals.
I promise to do better when I am better.
But, cutting to the quick: I got there an hour before my doctors - Salas from Isla and Yupik, a neurologist from Cancun. By the time they arrived, I had been x-rayed, scanned, an IV sunk into my arm and was being hydrated with potassium, B-12 and some electrolytes.
When the doctors got in, they looked at the films, found a crack in my pelvis, but even without the orthopedic surgeon, decided pegging it wouldn't be necessary. On with the IV's! Oh, BTW, Yupik lives in a subdivison with 20 other doctors and three North American retirees. Great confabs!
My response to the first bag of anti-inflammatories and cortizone confirmed Dr Yupik's diagnosis: An MS exacerbation. I entered the hospital not being able to move my left leg. In 12 hours, I was picking it up off the bed and applyting resistance to the doctor's pressure on it.
nnThe place is immaculate. The kitchen producing yummy dietetic meals. I was to be on high potassium, low sodium, low sugar meals. My first, a few hours after admission, was a fresh chicken broth with white meat and oodles of fresh vegatables like green beans screaming off the vine, a fresh salad, some fruit, a yogurt with more fruit. Really, the best hospital meal I have ever had.
More blood work in the evenying and a change of hospital jammies. Oh yes, they are the same here: No backs!
Many US insurance policies are accepted here, but I made a $3,000US desosit and settled for a $1,500 refund when I left.
Not bad at all when you consider the level of service. A one-t0-three maximum staff to patient ratio, private rooms, call buttons that are responded to and a bilingual staff, albeit relieved when hearing Spanish they can understand. It was a great weekend. And uhm, they do cosmentic surgery. Not me, but you out there. Inexpensive!
On Saturday, Salas and Yupik plan a day of fishing off isla. If they don't smell to fishy afterward, they may come to the birthday party Miguel is throwing for me at Moonlite. That would be some extra personal attention. Both docs would also be visiting Jose de Jesus Lima at the Centro de Salud. He took a turn for the worse but declined admission at Galenia, his family preferring he be at the health center that bears his name here on Isla.


MD in Texas said...

So no surgery? That is good news. It is wonderful to hear that you are feeling better! Wish we could be there for the party at Miguels!

KfromMichigan said...

Get well soon and happy birthday!

Nancy said...

I'm glad everything went well for you and you're back home. Have a wonderful party tonight!! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you.