June 16, 2009

Profugas de la ley! BUSTED

With occupancy on the island hovering around 15 percent, there is mischief on the island. Last week there was an amusing criminal mischief act.
Two Hidalgo waiters got it into their heads to steal a golf cart and go for a joy ride.
These two were not the sharpest knives in the drawer: The golf cart was one used by the mayor's niece. So, Isla's police force vigorously pursued the duo, one an islander and another, a Portugese national, was known by one first name only but another first name appeared in the newspapers.
After chasing them all night, police apprehened the tonto criminals after they parked the golf cart and were caught on video camera walking away.
They had parked the golf cart one block from Ppe's and...were busted.
After being jailed for 36 hours, they negotiated a release that including fines and restitution. Pretty smart for real fools. They had to leave the island and were heard to say they were headed for Holbox.
As they were released, buddies heckled them. Fugitives from the law. Profugos de la ley. Convictos. Para carrita de golf! Profugo No. 4, Profugo No. 5! Encarcerados!
Quite a chuckle among bored waiters all over the island who have taken golf carts on joy rides during slow times in the past. But smarter. They never got busted.

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Anonymous said...

They will be even more bored on Holbox. I'm not sure the hotel occupancy reaches 15% there currently. The police probably won't bother to pursue them, but the locals will - and toss them off the island!