June 3, 2009

Really, La Vida Loca!

I've been having a great time with Chuck renting an apartment. He is a former coworker, still employed at my old newspaper.
He gives me the chance to talk the way reporters talk. Yada yada yada.
Chuck is also a drummer, so I have enjoyed more night life this week than in the previous year! He jammed with Chucho at Fayne's, then last night, with Javier and Allen, Sergio and a couple other guitar players. Another guy took some time on the bongos. A woman got up and sang in a bluesy, throaty voice.
I have been hobbling, trying to keep up. A week ago Wednesday, I was clipped by the automatic glass door at Europa, an import store in Cancun. I got huge bruises on each hip. Now, the left hip is sensitive and the ankle is swollen. Dr Salas is sending me to American Hospital in Cancun to rule out a femur crack and have it pinned, actually screwed, if it is cracked. That's a three day hospitalization and physical therapy to adjust.
Meanwhile, Chuck's Spanish is improving. He knows hombra! And gladly gives me a shoulder as we walk down steps. Much sturdier than the cane. So today, we chill at Playa Norte, since he's not been there yet. And I make arrangements to the xray and possible surgery. Which means we say our goodbyes today, just in case. Hasta luego! No, I'm not Livin' la Vida Floja. It is La Vida Loca!


Life's a Beach! said...

Hope it turns out to be just bruised and not cracked Zina. Hospitalization, screws, pins,recovery, etc...don't sound like fun.

Islagringo said...

It was very obvious that something was seriously wrong when you walked (hobbled) by our table Tuesday night. I was not going to ask you why though. I figured you would tell us if you wanted us to know. Sure hope that it is just a bruise. Best of luck!