June 18, 2009

Days on the edge

Edge is one of those four letter words on the edge. Me, I'm living on edges, some good, some bad. Life with an edge.
Showing a couple young women around the island yesterday had me out and about in weather that I should have avoided. It was a beatiful summer day, sunny and good and humid after the overnight rain they came in on. Me, hot from the cortizone and double dosing interferon.
I showed them high points and advised how to save money. They are traveler types with a commitment at La Gloria English School. Rosella tutored Mexicans in her school in suburban Seattle. Yes, they are continuing to celebrate commencement!
I deposited them at Garrafon de Castilla yesterday and returned to resume my recovery. I see Dr. Salas this afternoon, two days after the step down in cortizone dosage from the IV treatment I had at Galenia Hosital.
I had meant to devote a whole entry to the great treatment I got there. Most were at the hands of my one-on-one nurses. Olivia changed her smock after a shower, so I didn't recognize her at when she came to take blood at the end of her double shift.
I had her blood sucking ways and avoiding them in mind when I came back home and resumed reclining and eating potassium rich foods. I stayed there, on that blunt edge, through the day.
This morning is much like that too. I have eaten my high K foods. Now I will rest before going to lunch at Casa Rolandi, all the better to spot the doctor arriving in his office.
Then rest. And tonight, I'll show the girls some of the best music on Isla Mujeres, at Miguel's Moon Lite and then Faynes! Yeehaw. I love life on the edge.

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Life's a Beach! said...

Glad you're recovering Zina, but don't overdo it! That's a pretty hospital room and nurse, but you don't want to make a return visit! : ) Have fun tonight!