June 4, 2009

New house band this weekend!

I've only seen Miguel's Moonlite new house band once, but they are hot! They'll be playing this weekend. An impending lack of customers the other night had them succumbing to a cougar chick, who got them all drunk, except for a guitar player, who wouldn't play alone when we stopped by.
So, we've been doing the music thing on Hidalgo, with Javier, Miguel and Chucho.
Miguel's Moonlite house band is called Sons of the Devil and they have a fresh new sound, even with the oldies. Will report back if I don't have femur surgery on Saturday!


Islagringo said...

Cougar chick???

Nancy said...

Where did the "Tips or Sex" guys go?

IslaZina said...

Islagringo: A cougar is an older woman who tries to pick up guys half her age.
Nancy:All I can say is away and Miguel wanted it that way.

cancunTom said...

Hola from Cancun, Zina........We hope your mending well.
Tom & Suzie

IslaZina said...

Thanks Tom and Suzie! I am just home less than 12 hours and have three weeks of mending instructions. But I feel so much better already! Hips is cracked, that caused congestion and white cells responded to, intiating the auto immumine exacerbation of MS