June 1, 2009

Worked hard for the money

We took Cristian out his last two nights on the Island, since he was all work and no play while here. He worked all sorts of jobs for his previous employer on the island, allegedly for tips, but he never saw more than 100 pesos a day. And I always tipped 100 pesos a day for poolside and dinner service. So he came with here his father Joshua, a longtime bad boy on the island, who for the last year has been free of most of his bad habits and collecting plastic bottles for Rishi Sowa's Spiral Island project.
Carmen recognized that hard work in Josh and worked with Cristian, teaching him what he already loved: botany. Ok, gardening.
Together they trimmed and propagated. They further scaped the roof, and he and his dad painted and swabbed the deck, cleaned the pool. Whatever I could think of that would pay for a plane ticket back to Mexico City and the two hour bus ride home, where his high school proficiency exam waited. Even though he had not attended for six months, he had an 8.7 out of 9 average...and Saturday morning, he passed his exam!
He will probably to to UNAM, whose Pumas set the La Gloria neighborhood on fire last night! Soccer championship!
All that was in the air Thursday night at Miguel's. Soccer pregames stuff was turned off the big screens to make way for the new band, which if I understood You Tube, I would show you!
They call themselves Sons of the Devil. They play classic rock, a lot of Aerosmith as I recall. But I was talking a lot with a member's cousin. Gregorio! The classic-voiced mariachi.
The kids rock! They have the same drum kit as Chuck has in Ohio and he vows to play the drums with them. Seems when I was asleep thinking he and Josh would go, Chuck and Josh also slept. Chuck scubaed the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks and another site with Enrique's Unique Dives yesterday morning, then ate Texas baby back ribs at Soggy Peso with me and a mixed island and tourist crowd.
Me, the heavy lifting of the fork just wore me out! Hmmm....and added to Chuck's blissful fatigue!
He's up and at 'em again this morning. We will lunch at Zamas!

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