November 22, 2008

Who let the dog's word out?

I feel like the pied piper. It was a weird day for dogs yesterday.
First, around 6:30am, Lora and I visited the ATM. Outside, we met a nice black dog, spayed and with a collar. She and Lora hit if off and played.
When it was time to go, black dog got in the golf cart and wouldn't leave. Lora was irritated, like I was, and we couldn't get her to budge from the back seat. We rode up and down Medina, trying to get Black Dog out. Eventually, we did. And Black Dog ran the golf cart race at full speed until we got a little ahead of her and took the turn off at Salina Chica, on a road we need to take to jog over to the other side of the island to pay the electric bill. She had run a mile and a half at 25 miles an hour to try to be with us. At the electric company, Lora stayed outside, near Miguel's house, and played with a dog there. No problems.
She stayed home for the FM2 brindis and I went early since I hadn't eaten and I need to get some fat and protein into my belly (a drinking lesson my dad taught me, but it wouldn't be necessary. But I digress...)
My pork chops and baked potato with a virgin mojito arrived about the same time as Miguel and Sue and a look alike dog Miguel would call Lorenzo.
Sue said hi to Lora. No, it's not Lora. The pork chops were extremely tough and gistlyy and Lorenzo seemed hungry. He ate well.
As soon as the expendable food was gone, he left.
I came home around 8:30 after spending the evening with Marianne, Pony Tail Jim, Adrian, Sergio the Artist, and Sue and Miguel. Gregorio sang his heart out. Lorena stopped by briefly.
I had left Lora in her pet carrier. She wasn't barking when I got home, but there were two dogs waiting on the front step. I shooed them away and let Lora out the back door. What I want to know, did she let the word out? Woof woof.


Islagringo said...

Not a very good recommendation for the food at Miquels. (moonlight madness??) I hate there once and recall it as being pretty good.

Sounds like you had quite the little turnout. I didn't get back from Cancun until 10PM so figured no sense in stopping by. Hope you had fun, fun, fun!

P.S. I am having problems with INM over my FM2 and you'll never guess who my lawyer is! Initials are MM!

Islagringo said...

oops! I should learn to proofread! Should be I ATE there once!

IslaZina said...

The chop was tasty! The purveyor probably screwed half the island with that pig! And I didn't say anything as Miguel and chef were alone and it was getting so busy and Lorenzo and I both got enough out of the two chops!
Sue and Miguel had fish and I think chicken and enjoyed it, so it's not the establishment!
With MM as your lawyer, me thinks your problems are over! Congrats.