November 20, 2008

A time to celebrate!

I can celebrate the progress around the house, that's for sure. But Friday afternoon, I will have an F-ing party! F for FM visa and a number!
I now have the best FM possible, a 2, and am listed as asimilada. Assimilated! The restrictions on me in Mexico are very few now. If I wanted to, I could just up and apply for a job! No extra permits needed. No hassles for the employer. Nada! But of course, with the multiple sclerosis, I wouldn't be a reliable employee. Hmmm...maybe that's what makes me fit in! Bad joke.
Anyway, I got the news Tuesday and after shopping in Walmart, the day I got chocolate chips - truly a stellar day - I went to Miguel's and we cooked up the idea of a brinda, a toast, to my new status of acceptance. A few people have been invited. Outside of that, I intend to buy a 2x1 cocktail for anyone who comes by.
Not that I will enter into it lightly. It'a full work day for me! I have to pay the electric bills, greet the aluminum guys again - daddy Hererra thought he was going to collect today but after looking at the folding door, agreed the boys did a bad job.
Today it was as much a job site as ever. I painted a window for privacy, to match the property colors, and hung a sea shell mobile over it with nylon net as a valance. Ricardo and I worked on the ceiling fan, I did laundry. A complete day! And Lora lost her fur-laden scab from the gaurd dog/taxi incident.
Carmen got the new huipil she was working for on credit and showed it off, saying she might want to work some tomorrow. And I can use her. Eriso will be here working, too, so it will be a job site again...still...maybe always? Ha!
Drew got his FM2 also and someone else got an FM3. All are welcome to the F-ing party! 4:30 to 8 tomorrow at Miguel's Moonlite!


MD in Texas said...

Congratulations! Wish we were there to buy you a drink! I know the party will be great!

Life's a Beach! said...

Congrats Zina! Wish I was there to toast your new status!

Jamqueen said...


K.W. Michigan said...

CONGRATS! Enjoy your celebration tonight .. wish I could join you all and buy YOU a drink. Take some good pictures. I know Wayne will, if he attends!

IslaZina said...

It's Wayne's birthday and he is dining in Cancun. Wish him a happy!

Anonymous said...

Glad you achieved your goal, Zina!

Now that you have found your chocolate chips, can cookies be far behind? What do you use for baking soda and/or baking powder? I used to carry the chips to Mexico, but the second problem always stumped me. I never sorted that out in the local grocery stores.

IslaZina said...
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IslaZina said...

Baking soda is bicarbonata and is available in the drug store. Baking powder is polvo para ornear and if not on the shelves of SuperExpress, their bakery will sell come. Otherwise, Mirtita usually has it as do the big box stores in Cancun.
A couple years ago, I ran into pastry bags at Mirtita. I wasn't thinking icing or cookings. I was thinkning regrouting! The ownsers complimented me for ingenuity.

Anonymous said...

Since I shop in a more remote location than either Cancun or Isla Mujeres, I'm guessing I'll need to either mule the items with me or stop in Cancun first. The bicarbonata I've seen. The polvo is a new one for me. My neighbor, who is from Spain, didn't have any idea what I was talking about :). She just uses bicarbonata indiscriminately. Cookie baking isn't a big deal in either country when it comes right down to it.