November 8, 2008

From Dentro del Jardin to hambre!

The trip to Cancun had two agendas: get photos for our visas and shop for our rental properties. I had contracted a Cancun cabbie to take us to a studio, shop and return to pick up photos. It was power shopping to the ultimate degree.
First, the photo studio. Sue mumbled something about it being in a neighborhood that Miguel said wasn't safe. Carlos the cabbie said not to worry.
We posed, we left. On to Sam's Club, in and out in record time. But Sue was very happy she found a lamp set. I got HP printer cartridges, white towels and some foodstuffs.
On to Walmart, where I got a 1 pesos bottle of sweet low cal French. A whole lot more, but when you get something for a peso, it's news! Wayne had told us about a crazy sale earlier in the week and this must have been a leftover.
On to Costco, where Sue got cat food and I a lighted Christmas spray. And then our hambre kicked in. Gotta eat before we go. We asked Carlos to join us, but he had eaten in the Walmart cafeteria.
We had a discount pharmacy stop. And then, we learned the full worth of Carlos. It was drizzling and he went into the photo shop for us. Not done.
Cruising the block, he pointed to transvestite beauty salons. Good looking chics! And at an intersection, said this is where the pick pocketing and purse snatching happens. I said that guy over there looks like a suspect.
"He is working. See the guy on the other side of the street? He spots the easy victims and gives him signals. Necklaces, open purses, wallets inching out of pockets. It's over before the victim knows." And he pulled up in front of the studio and went in for us. Mission accomplished.
Carlos helped the baggage handler get our things sorted and packed on to a luggage dollie in the rain. Sue gave me her hombro again: Hombre, hombro, hambre. Work on theses words, folks!
Came the ferry, came to Isla, and when we got off, the baggage handlers were working about 4 shopper clients and we had to stay on the dock.
Sometime after coming home, Donna Jane came with a bag of tofu and condiments she got by mistake and later I notice the Christmas spray was missing.
A call to UltraMar settled found it and I pick it up in the afternoon. They also have a bag of someone's new clothes.
And Lora doggie dog, in the pet carrier - good for her as she had overworked her injured ankle - was so happy with a new flavor of dog food that she didn't notice a new bag of rawhide. She's a good, but stupid, doggie dog.
Eriso was upset at the rains pushing him behind schedule. To ease his angst a big, I gave him a jar of chili arbol and two cans of tomatoes. Chilis always ease his upsets!

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Sue said...

And Miguel hadn't eaten all day so didn't take long to find the chicken bake/shake sandwich in my bag - he must have a sniffer like a dog, I did not tell him there was any food in there! Oh, he really liked it too!

I seem to have all my stuff. Glad you found yours. It was bedlam there on the dock.