November 6, 2008

It's a big island!

After two weeks couped up with construction work, I had a very social day! First, Gladys stopped by while having her car washed. It was nice for two landladies to compare notes and recessionary strategies.
Lora had been looking for trouble the last few days and encountered it when she tried to play with a guard dog while on muzzle. Gladys noticed her limp first. It got worse until I had to leave and put her in the pet carrier.
Stopped at Sue's looking for Pepe's number, then called him and Delfino, with no luck. Went around the corner from Sue and met Donna, once from Ohio. She and her husband share Negra with Sue.
Then onward. Got 3000 pesos without being pulled down by leash! Ran into the daughter of the man who had picked me up off the ATM room floor and she said he has my glasses! She'll leave them with Miguel. Quick visit with Miguel on the street and andale!
Jose Sosa had some new merchandise from Yucatan, incluidng a nicely decorated cotton dress, almost a huipil and a man from Muna was selling hammocks. I got him down two 300 pesos for a double. Then he said, how about 50 for my wife, who made it! It was still a good deal at 150 pesos less than I could get in nearby Sacalum.
Its a fine quality hammock, almost as nice at the ones coming out of the prison near Merida. I tried to joke with him, asking Miguel Medina if his wife was in prison. He didn't get it. Well, it is a men's prison. Still, I thought it was funny,
After a trip to Dr. Simi and a quick shop at the Super, I stopped at La Justicia for a seaside seafood cocktail. It was a glorious day.
Back at Sue's, Wayne (IslaGringo) stopped to introduce himself to us. Such a glorious sunny day. We kvetched about the plants we can't grow in strong salty winds and talked about nothing of consequence
Soon after I got home, the phone rang. It was Sue saying Delfino was on his way. And I looked out while she was still on the line and there he was.
He gave Lora a pain shot and came back in an hour to examine her, concluding no major bone of hip damaged. And based on her response to the anti-inflammatory with pain killer, said he'd be back in the morning to give her another shot. She looks like such a stoner now!
I reflected on this small island and how big it seems once you leave your neighborhood. It felt like a big city tour! Ah, training for what's to come today when I go get mug shots for my visa and visit Walmart and Costco!
Elisa stopped by in the evening again. She had come the night before since she heard I wanted a white huipil. But the one she had was huge and one she brought Wednesday was trimmed in mauve. I liked it! And she said there is a 15 year old girl from her Maya village looking for work. She can't use her because her math is bad and she is a merchant. But the gal is a hard worker.
She'll stop by with her early on Saturday so I can resume a beach life in the afternoon!

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