November 27, 2008

Dia acciones gracias....compartir!

The Spanish translation or Thanksgiving is acciones gracias, the act of thanks. To me, it is not about finding the biggest best traditional meal, but making the best traditional meal I can for the people who need it or who I need to thank. To share it, compartir, like it is OURS.
Yesterday, as Carmen was finishing up, Eriso was talking about today's work day and how he had to get done so I could go to town and eat. No, my Thanksgiving Day is here! With the Maya and other Indians who helped me survive another rainy season, who helped me pick up the pieces (make maintenance repairs, etc.) and who helped me earn my wings with the government.
Yesterday, as Carmen cleaned, I made roasted vegetables, beet salad and stuffing. When she left, I roasted two stuffed chickens and am almost done carving with the Black and Decker! yeah, yeah, cranberry sauce will be be out of the can. But there are cranberries in the dressing too!
My acciones of gracias will be to see that Amelia's family is fed, that she goes to sleep full, knowing no matter what happens, she made a difference in my life.
Carmen, the jefa of this household, is coming back today to tear apart the second apartment. She will make something fantastic out of it while cursing all those who came before her. She is definitely the head of housekeeping. She will be treated too.
Ricardo left me with enough hot water for a shower yesterday. This morning, he replaces some resistor in my water heater. He will get chicken with dressing and roasted vegetables, too.
Eriso, Deborah and their three children will also partake. This is Thanksgiving, the way I chose to celebrate it. I don't need a big, overpriced meal downtown. I need to see a big meal I made being enjoyed by my neighbors, who have never been invited to share an American Thanksgiving before.


Life's a Beach! said...

Very nice sentiments Zina! We're having a simple meal with turkey at home this year. Our little immediate family's all home, and we're all in relatively good health! Can't ask for more! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

scottozoid said...

Good on you, Z...overindulgence is overrated...we shared a meal at Mom's assisted living center and the food was OK but the best part was being with family...and now, the next best part: FOOTBALL and this year, a double header: Cowboys vs Seattle followed by the Texas Longhorns vs the despised Aggies of Texas A&M I will be in pigskin heaven.

See you in just a few weeks!

Islaholic Trixie said...

What a very nice gesture Zina. We had 26 Family members over to our Casa yesterday here in the US. My mom cooked a 24 pound turkey with home made stuffing. Everyone brought a dish. Today, with the leftovers, I could probably feed another 26 people!! We will be eating turkey sandwiches for the next week!!