November 2, 2008

Do you Twitter, etc?

I spent a good bit of Sunday not outdoors in the sun, but fooling around Twitter, Facebook and trying out various Google Gadgets. You can see I have either not taken them on or failed to code correctly go get them into the Blog.
Twitter won't be a problem, I reckon, since early Sunday morning it was embedded in this site, twice, which I tried to correct before Google lost control of the gadget.
Why, might you ask? In that case I think you are over 35 and probably can go on without them. Several of my "older friends," over 40, have nudged me toward Facebook and Twitter. They are following their kids, who think it's not kewl to have Mama on a wall, but Mama's got to go where the younger members of the Chamber of Commerce post and join along.
And a lot of my big city friends in the USA just Twitter. It requires less thought than actually blogging, although you are in and out of it several times a day to say what you are doing. Controlled exhibitionism, I guess. Sharing.
So, I am going to fool around with the gadgets some more, until I at least get Twitter on here and hopefully a couple useful travel tools.
But in the meantime, I'd like to ask, "Do you Twitter or are you intersted in my Twitter? I guess I'll leave the question active 'til Thursday and we'll see what you think. Maybe Google's Twitter tool for Blogs will be fixed in the interim.


Doug (aka Doogan) said...

I like Google gadgets but don't think Twittering or Face book is for me.
Seems to be too much lack of privacy. But Hey! to each there own. I will read your Twittering to get more of a feel for it.

IslaZina said...

Do judge by me. What do I know about Twittering! Ha!

Renee said...

I use both Facebook and Twitter - would like to read yours.
Those tools are really useful and I love them!

IslaZina said...

Renee, if you would email me, I'll tweet you! My Facebook is also IslaZina.
My email is zinavish(ampersand)