November 5, 2008


Barak Obama's victory will be talked about in historic superlatives for the next weeks. It is a feel good day.
Mexico, on the other hand, lost a huge amount of hope last night with the loss of Interior Minister Juan Carmilo Mourino, who was appointed in January.
Among his varied responsibilities: Waging the war on the drug cartels which are fighting for who "owns" Mexico.
He died in a plane crash in Mexico City. It appears to be a "natural" Lear jet crash. An investigation will determine the cause.
One can only hope that President Felipe Caulderon will find a strong replacement, or the country threatens to be owned by the cartels. With the execution style murders, message sending beheadings, huge monies involved, only the strongest will survive. Then, the nation will be lost to the world's stage without any influence of its destiny.
Happy for my first home, sad for my next one.

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Life's a Beach! said...

It IS huge! Craig and I marveled watching the celebration on television last night. A campaign of hope won out over one based on fear, lies, and hate. Quite a noble and novel concept. Let's hope Mexico also wins their battle.