December 15, 2009

Dog Play Date

Sunday, my cousin Dianne and her husband Jeff and I went to visit Alison at Amigos Los Animales. She and her husband, Jeff had just sent 12 dogs to homes abroad. But then, Alison came home with 8 more.
The dogs need socializing to humans and with non-pack dogs. Boca rose to the occasion. She mouthed as puppies do when they play, but no one got bit and Boca couldn't seem to get enough doggie hugs.
After 90 minutes or so, Alison had to go upstairs to do a phone interview with a Denver radio station for her new book, "No Urn for the Ashes." And we went to Miguel's, so he could meet Lora's legacy. He approved of Boca dog, who ate garlic bread while we had grouper.

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