December 17, 2009

Five stuffed in a cab

Elizabeth and Tom got more than a bargain cab fare to the airport. My cousin's husband Jeff also had a departing flight at the same time and he wanted to be kissed goodbye on the other side. So I called Carlos the taxista to pick up five at Puerto Juarez.
Dianne, from the lower Florida Keys, and I were going to shop while he took the others to the airport. Sign of the cross not to get busted by the union for 5 in a car, off we went. First the short distance to Sam's Club.
This was very interesting. My cousin has had anorexia for 35 years. She ran up to me with some prosciutto. "This is anorexic food! See how thin it is sliced?"
So we bought anorexic food, another sheet set, diaper pads for Boca and were at the cash register when Carlos showed up. Chedraui!
There, we shopped the imported food aisle and got miniature meringues. "They are just egg whites and sugar." But by 2pm, I was hungry. So we stopped at a food court, where Carlos and I had fish tacos and Di could load her ceviche whith fat burning chiles. The owner came by, saw her plate, and offered to replace the ceviche. No, I like it like that!
Then we were done and heading home. "Do you want to be among Parrot Heads and have a margarita? I asked? Sure. So we got margaritas and an order of grilled wings to split.
Yep, I am a very bad influence. Came home and put the food away and me, I went right to bed. Di had a cup of Dieter's Tea! No point in ruining a vacation with food.


Life's a Beach! said...

A post title like that needs a photo! : )

IslaZina said...

Camera fell off my wall! Dianne is now downloading, but didn't take pics in Cancun. Scott is bringing me a CyberMonday deal I got. I'm in limbo til the 23rd! It's hard :(

Scottozoid said...

Yarrrr matey but that camera is here and ready to pack with all me pirate goods and yeah my regular guy beach stuff too LOL...

I have my trusty Canon but also a cute little Panasonic Lumix to play with and a Flip Mino video cam...

Pirate Party on Saturday Jan 2...we sail Pirates of the Mexican Caribbean...should be a great photo op!!!