December 8, 2009

A quick trip to the other side...

Cancun yesterday, starting at 3pm. Carlos, the taxista, informed me some tejones have found a new home on Bonampark behind the gas station. Hopefully the mean lady won't poison the survivors!
On we went to Sam's Club, where I was to meet Karina. We never hooked up and I looked around and took a membership. Overall, now I remember, I find it more useful that Costco. I got a 40 pack of bed covers/diapers for Boca's potty needs
They had 400 count cotton sheets. No one else has 100 percent cotton sheets now. Not Costco, not Soriana, not Chedraui. I'd have rather had a higher threat count, but...
So I got two sets and a stunningly rich sheet towels that I'll put into circulation - and steal back. They are great.
But it was sad in there. The veggies were all rotting with an official expiration of today. I got some mozzarella cheese and a 24 pack of baby bagels. Then on to Soriana's.
There, the vegetables were fresh, the meats looked good, I got deli ryes and I some plain Activia! Today is cheap produce day at Walmart; by the afternoon, Soriana will match prices on any special Walmart had. So, I think I'll just start every future outing at Sam's, got to Soriana and then Costco for it's walk it cooler, which was pretty bare last trip too.
After whirlwind shopping, I went to see an insurance agent. I have applied to get a French major medical policy from AXA for my times in Mexico. $1400 annually, 5 percent co pay, no preferred providers. That's a health plan I can live with. And it has a $30,000 rider to airlift me back to Ohio should I develop something that can't be treated here.
I just got to Puerto Juarez in time to catch the ferry. No McDonald's. So I stopped at Soggy Peso for a guacamole on my way home and met some old salts who live here now.

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