December 1, 2009

All about food! Chapoy turns 36!

I was hopeless behind in posting food pictures when I got an impromptu invitation to share a meal with Chapoy and his family yesterday on his 36th birthday. First course, chilpachole. Even 3 year old Andrea love that!
Norma was handing out napkins while just letting the juices spill down her cami top. It was nice to see Chapoy and Norma reconciled after a multi month separation. They have been back as a couple for two months and living together again for a month.
Chapoy is talking with his mom, who is back from Merida after a long hospitalization.
We had the crab and seafood soup, ceviche and there was fried fish. But a girl can only eat so much! This one anyway. Andrea packed it away.
So I may never get caught with posting my various eating excursions this month. Oh well!


Life's a Beach! said...

Happy Birthday Chapoy! And I can't believe Andrea's 3 years old! I'm glad Norma and Chapoy are back together! Chapoy always makes me laugh. He pulled up in the taxi on Juarez during a pre-Ida downpour and said, "Hop in! I'll take you anywhere for free!" And yes, we took him up on a ride down to Hidalgo!

Anonymous said...

That soup looks to DIE for! What all is in it? Got the recipe? :-)

Isla Chica