December 28, 2009

New infrastructure for a New Year

My green grocer from El Paraiso in La Gloria admits he was misled and I admit I took his word that SuperXpress was building a warehouse for storing meat and vegetables. No, this is the small view of the new SuperExpress that will open January 15, three corners from my house. Just out of the range of of the camera on the right.
I trust it will have an ATM, eliminating my need to go to Centro. It's a long building. In front on the other corner, with the tar paper roof, is Cocodrillo's Pizza.
Then around the bend, toward the new location of what is fondly still known as Tacos Campos, is the new community center, rapidly heading for it's grand opening. It's highlight will be a movie theater for kids.
The hospital two blocks south of me is going up quickly too! A full crew of workers was on the site early Sunday morning.


Jamqueen said...

Lots of building going on...ope these are good things!

Jamqueen said...

That should be "hope"

lagovistajenn said...

Wow! It is amazing how much has changed since July.
Sounds like La Gloria is a happening place.