April 4, 2009

We lead simple lives

On the internet message boards, folks like to make our lives seem complicated. Where can you get American beer? Third World shopping rules: If you are into it, get it when you see it because you may never see it again. It is a gift.
When I am on Isla Mujeres, my life is so simple that everyday things from North of the Border confound me.
The past two days, I had a semi-major electrical job done at the house. The meter had been moved to the street level at the request of the electric company, which theoretically did the job once a mason and electrician had prepared the tower. But no, there was still the bulk of the live wires and a switch on the old tower. So, Ricardo came over, all the while whispering the job wasn't necessary.
Two days later, the first tower is gone and the cables are in a box mounted to the wall and grounded. Doug and Eileen stopped, Doug willing to give First Energy advice. It really wasn't necessary: He knows a lot, but not the Mexican power way of doing things details. Keep it simple.
I have some kind of respiratory crud. So does my brother back in the USA. It could be anything. Before going for a culture, I am taking Bactrim, a nice sulfa drug that will get most things. My brother got something Bayer makes in Mexico from his US doctor. It could create a lot of side effects because his doctor is not in until Tuesday and it is a drug made for Mexico. There is a leap of logic there, to my thinking.
Today when I was out and about early, I stopped at Lo Lo's and got my fresh dill for the "Russian gazpacho" I made Stan with dry dill. This is chopped and frozen now. I also got chicken breast that I put in a roasting bag with pineapple, ginger. soy sauce, garlic and sugar. From the roasting bag, it was a 40 peso dinner. Simple. I slept while Ricardo worked. So simple.
If I had felt better, I would have gone back to Lo Lo's for the new Woman's Club. One man max per day by invitation. But we have a cabana boy. age 18, who waits on us, runs errands to stores and ignores our profound chatter. If it wasn't the middle of the night and me with a fever, I'd post some pics. Be we lead simple lives here. You don't really need graphics, even though we CAN deliver some.
Saturday, I will get up and make some espresso, maybe add chocolate because I have it, and see if Carmen can work. If not, off to the Women's Club with the pool I don't have to clean, pate I don't have to process, and fun talk that means nothing because we lead simple lives. Then I will contemplate whether to stay for dinner, go downtown for sushi, or go home and make pasta with garlic and parmagian reganno . A little something for my chest cold.
We lead simple lives here.

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jeanie said...

LOL Z on the American beer ??? We always drink Sol on Isla and my hubby is a serious beer drinker. We are Canadians and are used to REAL BEER! Wouldn't give a toss for a Bud LOL. Hope you feel better soon. Bactrim usually gets rid of 'The Ick' in a short time. Love to Lora doggie XXXX