April 21, 2009

My Mexican Wallet

I had cable bills to pay yesterday and thoughts of stopping at the ATM before going to my pedicure at Lorena's Women's Club. This meant juggling dollars, peso coins, small and large 200 peso notes, the cable bills and my ATM card. I decided to go Mexican.
I grabbed a plastic bag and shoved everything into the baggie and then into my purse. Works like a charm. You can see though it, know what you have. Eases digging around for correct change.
At the ATM, I saw the exchange rate dropped, so I got half dollars and half pesos.
Then on to the Women's Club, where Heydy would be paid in peso.
Sometime in the afternoon I laughed at my new wallet. No, it is not just a Mexican wallet, Lorena said. "It is a Mexican merchant's wallet. Welcome to our world."

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