April 18, 2009

New and Improved - Ultramar ferry

Welcome to a new age! This was the Ultrama ferry that took me to Cancun at 9am Friday. Inside, new seating, two, four and two seats again by the windows. In the center, the front faces the new snack area and the first seats in the center are arranged around a table, handy for local accountts on their way to and from clients, and snack eaters!
There is also on each side, two tables for four. Nice to have more meetings, or spread the kids out with their Happy Meals from McDonald's in Puerto Juarez.

But the big news is the ramp! It opens up, uhmm, like the spaceships we have imagined.
And once opend, there are no more steps, front or rear. Its a gradual incline to lower deck level. Those who want, can go up to the upper deck like before. Sorry, that involves steps!
Luggage and packages are stowed in shelving covered by a fake leather, heavy plasctic flap. The ride is smooth, too. You almost forget you are on a boat. Except when you look out the windows into that aquamarine water that seems never to end.
And instead tourist propaganda preaching to the converted, the morning ferry at least is tuned to Mexican network news, where I learned we were experiencing cold front No. 46 of the season. Only elsewhere! It was a high of 25 and a low of 10 in Puebla and Chihauhua. In Merida, tempertures were heading to 40 and around 36 here. That's relentlessly hot! But hey, it was a cool ride. The AC worked!


Sue said...

We rode that new ferry twice this week, and it was so nice. The seats up top are a lot more comfortable and you're higher up so get a better view and less splash (it was rough that day). On the way back we sat inside and enjoyed the full windows and clean interior.

We figured the boat might hold 250 people, so maybe that will help with long lineups on weekends too. I think the new ferries are great.

Life's a Beach! said...

Can't wait to try it! Maybe in the fall!

Islagringo said...

So do you think this is permanent or just added for Semana Santa? I rode it twice this weekend and it is nice. Much better view from the lower windows, even as dirty as they are. Next time I'll try up top! Love the new ramps too!