April 24, 2009

Rolling in the green

I'm harvesting a lot of green leaves these days, and gifting cuttings to friends. In Mexico finding fresh greens any time of the year is tough; as it gets hotter, even tougher.
But this green is hardy to the heat. It's called Indian or Malabar spinach. It tastes just like real spinach, is a bit more succulent, but is not a spinach at all. However, most Maya simply call it espinacha.
It's one of those things that the more you cut, the more you get. A couple cuttings were gifted to me by a former worker. Now, I have about three households sustaining their greenery needs on further cuttings.
I my little world, it is planted in the same area as the zucchini and pickles. That's a lot of vines to untangle every morning. The stuff literally grows by meters over night!

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lmc said...

wow, i have never seen this plant before, but i am very curious about it. how is the papaya doing by the way? i am sure that was us! glad to see you are still posting...i gave your info to a friend who is travelling in mexico, in case he calls you. i hope he will! -Linda