April 23, 2009

Oh what a day!

The trip to Cancun had mixed results, but was always pleasant thanks to Carlos, the taxista whose family now embraces me when we see each other and who goes the extra kilometer for me.
The consulate could not help me with a Social Security issue, saying they had gotten out of the benefits business. The place was deserted, making me wonder what business they are in at all! On the other hand, tourism in the hotel zone has dropped so drastically, the whole section was nearly deserted!
Then, since I had left the island without eating, an obligatory stop for some authentic food. To Mercado 23 for cilaquiles. Carlos noted the way they were made and the way they are made in Isla is not the authentic chilango way, chilango being a derogatory term for a cheapskate from Mexico City, where the day old tortillas are not fried before being wetted with sauce and cheese.
So, we each at an order of Yucatan chilaquiles and were off to look for an umbrella for the deck and to night table lamps to replace one that fell and broke and one that just got tattered over time.
Not so easy to find. No little store in Mercado 23 had funky little ones. TechnoLuz was exhorbitant. We were off to Walmart, where there was one model. And it needs some adaption to hold the light bulb in place, being made for a totally round sphere with a stem, which Walmart does not carry.
Got some canned soup, some zip lock bags, a dish drainer and beef filet and yep, we were done.
Last week, I got a back pack on wheels that comfortablly holds frozen compresses. So Carlos packed the meat, and a beet I had gotten at the open air market into that, and we were back at the Ultramar.
I got home in time for a nap before a fabulous dinner at LoLoLorena's, where I saw Daniel, whom I hadn't seen in ages, and his friend Manuel. What a nice man. There were over a dozen of us at the table and although Lorena wasn't happy with herself, my pork loin in mustard glaze was great, as were the appetizers, salad and desert plate. Buy bien.
Luis did not do carpentry yesterday, but is here now, so the roof will soon be well shaded. And I will be living up there for sure!


Ron said...

Hi Zina

Love you blog and Kathy and I still talk about the wonderful day you showed us on Isla!!


Islagringo said...

SSI and SSDI issues are now only handled through Mexico City. How convenient for everybody!

I used to love Lorena's when she was at what is now Hemingways. I had the best green curried shrimp there ever! Is she serving food to the public again? At the bakery place or the new place downtown. I would love to stop by.

IslaZina said...

Baking every day but Sunday and Monday for both place, dinner by reseration at her house. Pice fixed menu, list daily on www.lololorena.com....$25US a person plus IVA, bring your own wine, cocKtials available at 50 pesos