August 29, 2010

Punta's View: By the sea

Mommie took me to see her friend Jimbo de Isla yesterday afternoon. He lives by the sea.
Whoa! I get dizzy looking down. Oh, but it's a dizzy I kind of like! So, I did a little exploring.
Now, this is scary. But look at me; don't you think I am brave for a dog who leads a sheltered life?
I saw a dog inside the swimming pool, too. But he would not get out to play. I guess it must be hot in there or something. So he didn't get out. I'll meet him if we go back! Mom says he is a reflection. Wow! Cool. A reflection in the mirror taught me to bark!


Anonymous said...

Luv it <3 <3

Jackie said...

Great story told by Punta!