August 11, 2010

No pleasure doing business, Elektra

See here were are, 24 hours later from our visit to to the Elektra store on Isla Mujeres, where they staff did their best not to sell us anything. After we bought something said they had in Cancun, and paid cash because they said a debit card purchase wouldn't clear quickly and we might therefore lose the only appropriate air contioner their store in Cancun had, well, we don't have the best right one for Zina's Guest House!

The dimensions as listed on the computer screen weren't correct. A better model was available, but they would not credit the cash purchase here toward it! Ricardo had extra money on him to make up the difference.
He had gone in the rain, a three hour downpour, no cabs available in the two hours after the consummated purchase, albeit not quite what we were looking for.
Now he is at Macaab, buying things to make this unit actually stay in the hole in the wall that is a bit too big for the unit that wasn't as big as we were told it was.
Whatever happens, it's not his fault. Elektra, I do have a good long term memory! I am not advising my friends on Isla Mujeres to shop with you! And hey, the SuperXpress gives a better exchange rate, by a peso, per dollar. And they take $50 bills as well.
Grad students went there to buy a snack and trade a bill for it, betting their change in pesos at the best conversion rate on the island.


Kirk said...

Looks like a much smaller a/c unit then the old one, probably will not cool as well. I follow you and Gringo's blogs because the remind me of the 2 years I lived in the Cancun/PDC area. I miss the slow pace and the white sand beaches! I lived with just a ceiling fan which I could never do today as I am a little bit older.

Islagringo said...

I had my doubts about Electra. Now I know. Thanks for the heads up.