August 3, 2010

I have seen the future

I grew up here, in the red brick house on right, at "wonderful carefree Lake Mohawk." That's what the radio commercials called gated community of lots surrounding the 508 acre lake they built on farmland that had several springs augmented by building a dam on a creek that ran through the properties. My parents were among the first 200 to buy in the '60s and built their dream home: a split level, 3 bedroom brick, 1 and a half bath home, with a garage and a balcony overlooking the lake. My bedroom windows were on the corner facing a terraced garden on the hill.
Mom sold it in the late '90s and moved into an apartment building where I lived in Euclid. The house had become too much for her and Viktor, her companion in later years. The buyer didn't take the best care of it. The next owner defaulted. It was resold by the sheriff for $150,000. And bought by a man who preserved the original structure and built on top of it.
I was stunned when I saw it in June. I mean...well, what can I say! It looks like the the developing shoreline of some island in the Mexican Caribbean. I sill can't get over it. And it has happened all around the lake. It is hard to see the lake for the new villas being built around it.