December 15, 2008

Sunday: Routine fun!

Ron and Kathy from Portland came by for Sunday brunch. An easy thing for the hostess, when it's conchinita pibil day and my main man now has a whole room next to his meat shop just to sell from for this Sunday tradition.

They checked the status of my papaya tree, slowly growing its fruits!

And then were were off to Zama Beach Club for dark beer and quesadillas. Kathy and I enjoyed the chilly pools!

I took a siesta and then the Salinases arrived! Ooops. I had a calendar error, repeatedly using the same wrong arrival day. Since it was a long trip from the San Francisco Bay area, they took a nap and off we went to Daisy and Raul's. They got some churros at el parque to go with French roast coffee for breakfast, and are off to Playa Norte. Gilberto and I have a date to go to Marma! And then tonight, Ron and Kathy, and probably the Salinases and I will go to Miguel's, to verify he makes the bests mojitos on Isla Mujeres. Now that Kathy and Ron have a reference point!


scottozoid said...

Great cochinita pibil photo. Can you get a couple of Mojito pics from Miguel's? It's below freezing here in Dallas today with a bitter north wind I need some reassurance. A mojito pic from Miguel's would surely brighten a dreary cold Monday.

IslaZina said...

Having mojitos at Miguel's tonight, but the camera as a LENS ERROR! An unresolved Nikon poblem. I'll be doing to Costco Wednesday to get another camera, but at leaving for 24 hours in Merida sometime after midnight, so, it won't be till the start of next week, I may have to do without a mojito photo for a greater cause. All the Christmas fotos!

MD in Texas said...

Hey Scott, we are in Dallas too...BRRRRRR!

We leave for Isla on Friday so I will see about getting that mojito pic.

We will be looking for you too Zina! They are supposed to have the heaters turned on the condo pool, so maybe it will be swimmable!

scottozoid said...

MD I am in Dallas and I am 6 days behind you on Isla Mujeres. I think Z and I have a date to do 2X1 mojitos at Miguel's on Christmas Day...I will also try to get a couple of mojito photos if I don't drink them faster than I can take the pics!

The weather here is darn near unbearable today in this drafty old warehouse...26 degrees (that is Fahrenheit for you ex pats) and it is drizzly wet with some flurries expected...I need flurries of sunshine with a 100% chance of rum in my forecast...9 days to go for meeeeeeeeee...

Nancy said...

Nice photo of you at Zamas!