December 10, 2008

Poor Fredy~

Like big Jim said yesterday, the work on Hidalgo looks to be more exentensive than previously announce. This is the very north of it, near Fredy's on the right, right there by the backhoe! I don't see this moving along in a week or so. Uh uh;
Meanwhile, when I drover off this morning, I took a shot of the house. Shaping up! The guys from Merida come back this afternoon to take frames down and paint here and there. I got 60 dollars worth of paint on the way back home.


MD in Texas said...

Poor Freddy is right! Yowza! Now that's a mess! Thanks for the picture as I have been looking for confirmation of what's going on.

Islaholic Trixie said...

I guess "Walking Hidalgo" will be a bit more difficult!!
Makes one wonder which businesses will be most affected over the Christmas Holidays.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the photo and update- it helps to get a visual since we are staying on Hidalgo in 2 weeks