December 7, 2008

Five and a half hours of doggie fun!

I don't even think Lora was hanging out on the midway! I think the cops brought her home. I am glad I talked with them, described her appearance and street past. That she had Tabasco vet clinic tattoos in her ears.
It was 10:30om, five and a half hours after she disappeared, when I heard a car door slam and she sheepishly entered the cracked open screen door. Then the argument started.
She smelled sweaty! She had burs and ticks. Thank got she just got vaccinated, so they weren't biting her. But she had obviously been running through fields with a pack of Isla Mujeres street dogs. She also smelled slightly fishy!
I got dry doggie shampoo at Soriana's this week, actually a can of foam made by Bayer. I cleaned her up and continued to talk about good and bad dogs. She was contrite.
She still is not hungry, nearly four hours later!
I went through the gamut of doggie owner emotions. Watching Margaret walk with her new black dog in the mornings, I decided that is something happens to Lora, I will replace her. She is a good barker. People always ask if she bites. I and the neighbors generally say no.
Margaret got her black dog after nearly being assaulted one morning by a transient.
When we went to the ATM early in the morning, a man in Seven-11 asked if she bites. Only when I say so is the answer from now on. People here respect that in a dog. Even a stupid one!
Ricardo, who whispers to her, is coming this morning to install a new ceiling fan in the downstairs unit. One more detail before the high season rush...
And he too, will give her a talking to, when he hears what a bad dog she was on a Saturday night!


Sue said...

Oh, I'm so glad she showed up and she's ok. Loco used to do that sort of thing when we first had him - go off on little excursions. In fact, he used to go between our houses; how he knew the way and how to cross streets is beyond me, because since then he's proven he's not too bright in the street. Now he just stays close to home, so maybe Lora will one day stop taking off on you. Hard to break the habit, but for her safety and health, she needs to knock it off. Mommies can't take this kind of worry!

Life's a Beach! said...

Sorry Zina that Lora gave you such a scare! I know you're so glad to have her back! We had a dog in Washington that used to never look back if she could get out the front door. She'd just run. We had several close calls with her.

Workers around our neighborhood are quite afraid of Saby since she's part Chow. I just let strangers believe that's she quite ferocious. We've had workers who won't access the backyard when they hear her barking in the house, so dogs are great for security!

scottozoid said...

Oh my! Now I am really worried, because I don't have a Tabasco vet tatoo in my ear...if I get lost at the Fair, will the cops electrocute me?

I might run off for a while but I always find my way back home, and I hardly ever chase after golf carts anymore.