September 21, 2010

Something old, something new

Starting with a 99 peso breakfast plate we shared, Gail and I frittered the day away Sunday at Villa Vera Yacht Club. The breakfast plate was abundant. We got juice, fruit salad, yogurt, toast, coffee and chilaquiles. It seemed endless. The waiter was so kind to double plate everything, so we didn't have to life a finger to share.
Afterward, we spent the next six hours in the pool exercising with our noodles. Virtually alone. The kids under the giant almond tree with their parents for breakfast did not stay.
Around 5:20, we left, intended to go to Seso Loco's. They would not open for another hour, according to the man setting up. What to do?
I suggested we try the new Chuuk Bay, a place I'd learned about from Steve Broin during my mini-vaction at Casa Sirena a few weeks back.
My mango mash, or was it mango tango? was yummy. The restaurant, on the laguna leading to Villa Vera, is adjacent to Gym Tonic, the gymnasium with trainers. The boating set has already discovered it on their gas ups into the laguna. Lookie - those fishing poles are sporting the bar's lights!
I had cesar salad with shrimp, Gail arrachera fajitas. The owner, Ventura, the former maitre'd of Brisas Grill, came by and asked how everything was. I suggested there was a tad too much salad dressing and he said he'd already concluded it should be served on the side.
This place isn't going to hurt any business, well, possibly Veradera de Oscar because of it's location. But it's real goal is to be a special events place. There was a kid's inflatable splash slide on the property, all sand covered. The yachting set was wandering around and kibitzing. Their crew was being waited on by boat waiters.
But it's goal is to be a party and special events center. There are several palapas with curtains scattered on the property. Jerry Magana, founder of Hotel Francis Arlene, was in one of them with family.

The tik n chik fire on the property may or not be a problem in windier times. But wow, you should have seen those platters of fish going to the boats!

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Jackie said...

Been hearing nothing but good things about this restaurant. I will have to try int in a couple of weeks.