September 3, 2010

My sainted electrician

Ricardo Sosa is some kind of saint. An electrician with a lot of knowledge, he just won't quit until it's right.
Installing a ceiling fan in the main house the other day, he called it quits on the remote control ceiling fan. The remote control relay box, installed into the ceiling, would not process commands. It is the only way to turn the new model fans on and off.
So he took the pieces parts and boxed them up while trying to call Home Depot Cancun. The phone number on their factura, taxpayer receipt, is not a working number. I suggested he look on the cash register ticket and there was a 01-800 number. Someone in Mexico City confirmed they would take it back if it was not a clearance item. The Hunter Douglas fan was not.
So I took him to Jimbo's yesterday and the two of them went to Cancun to buy fixtures for Jimbo's place and came back with a new one for me.
Carmen is here for personal laundry today and we are still awaiting the return of Ricardo. But being a saint requires a lot of side tasks, so it's not a problem. He is worth his considerable weight in gold!

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