September 20, 2010

Naval Club Ball

Friday night's dinner-dance at the Naval Club on Isla Mujeres was promoted as a Bicentenario Ball, but the only true ball gown was worn by the belle of the ball, who enjoyed many dance partners.

The invitation said only to wear typical dress for the 200th celebration of independence from Spain. There were many interpretations, from the officers who wore jeans to commemorate cowboys to this lady at my table.
She wasn't typical. Dehlia Canales, the dentist's wife on the left, and other ladies from the monthly breakfasts, wore simple traditional colors or simply white. And unlike many other balls, ticketing and seating was quite mixed. Seven women and two men at our table.

The food was red, white and green, the three national colors. The first course had taquitos or flautas dressed in tomato salsa, cream and guacamole traditional colors.
The second course was a delicious chicken and leek soup with fresh avocado.
The third course was chilies Nogado. An interested interpretation of a national dish developed in the Santa Monican Monastery of Puebla. It is a poblano chili, stuffed with fruits and nuts, covered with a sweet almond gravy and garnished not in the traditional cilantro, but parsley, and pomegranate berries. It was so sweet, it was no one's favorite.
Desert was Chijuahua cheese, red white and green. I tasted a bit of the white and opted not to go for artificial coloring.
We were entertained by a band and a solo soprano concert during the meal. Afterward, we danced. I didn't get a good picture of Ricardo and Mary Ann Burns Gaitan, but Enrique and Maria del Mar Lima were close-by and photogenic.
And a the end, Dr. Antonio and Christina Salas cut up the floor.
Our exceptional waitstaff were sailors from the Armada. A big tip of the hat to you!

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