February 21, 2012

What do I do all day?

Earlier this season, guests on their way to a scuba and snorkel date asked me, "What do you do all day?" I was speechless, at a loss for words. So, let me tell you about yesterday.
As of 3pm Sunday, the water company stopped pumping water on the street that fronts the house. This left a half-filled new swimming pool on the roof and as it turned out, an empty water storage tank (tinaco) on the rental house roof. The renters had no running cold water in the morning!
Jose, the handyman, came in the morning and checked the water meter and water was flowing freely, so he proceeded to top off the pool.
The renters let me know there was still no water and Eli, the trooper, splashed water on this face before going to Contoy Island for the day with Sheila rather than use my bathroom and shower, on a separate tinaco. Jose at this point checked the tinaco and decided the floater broke whilst the tank was empty.
I took the downstairs renters to breakfast and showed them the fruit and vegetable stand and we got some juice.
Off he went to Boxito in search of a new one. I turned the water heater off so it wouldn't burn out. Jose went his way.
Jose returned with a floater and replaced it. Then, he took money to the cable company and paid the bill, which was one day overdue. A save!
Now mind you, I didn't do any physical labor. But making sure it got done is what I did all day! In the evening, local residents and I discussed the various water system problems on Facebook and recounted the ways we dealt with the water outages. Everyone did the same types of things all day.

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