February 2, 2012

Plating a vehicle in Mexico

I suspect no one likes the BMV in their state. Here it is a little different and not so bad considering....
I presented myself to the Hacienda on Isla Mujeres today, Divison of Golf Carts. I gave them an expired plate and copies of my papers. But the title was misplaced by someone I trusted in my office last year. We learn.
Martin at the golf cart window was as nice as can be and studied my electronic file. He said he surely can re-plate me (this plate is for life) BUT....
Since I lost a plate, I have to report it lost to the police, after which the MP, or police prosecutor, will determine whether it was stolen by someone for use in a criminal enterprise (!!!).
When I return with all that documentation, he'll be pleased to plate me for life per the agreement with the municipality, the golf cart cartel and the taxi drivers' syndicato, or union. But I love the word syndicato is cases like these.
I'll change the title for the VW at the same time. So next week is going to be big for me and the Mexican equivalent of the BMV. I'm just glad to be in the hands of people whose eyes light up when they solve problems like mine!

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